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 The world of PROJEDOMUS


Buildings that think for themselves


At PROJEDOMUS, we build intelligent management solutions for both public and private buildings, which optimize levels of comfort, security, economy and systems’ control. It is a response to the needs of modern life, a fusion of cultural and social concepts with the technological developments of the contemporary world.

The automation of various systems allows them to operate automatically, fostering a better quality of life.


Comfort and simplicity


Monitoring the entire system from a single, simple to use access point.

Climate and Preserving Resources


Efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems with automatic control. Intelligent  management of thermostats, sensors and actuators will enable your house to automatically react to
all atmospheric conditions and thus preserve natural resources.

Security and Ambience

Memorize the ideal conditions for your home, whether they are for security or lighting, suitable for each moment of the day.

Intelligent Building Management – home automation

Home automation is at the vanguard of innovation and technology. It transforms our daily life into a more comfortable, safer and even more fun life! It means the more routine and mundane tasks can be carried out
automatically and the system can be operated according to your needs. Just a touch of a button to perform all the functions you need.

Home automation uses various, usually independent elements in a structured and systemic manner. It establishes a strict link between electronics and informatics, with the aim of fostering an integrated use
and management of multiple household equipments. In conventional electrical installations it is necessary to decide, during the construction project, how the building’s technical systems will be installed; in intelligent
building management, all functions and parameterisations can be modified and extended at any time. This is only possible because all of the building’s technical systems are interconnected through a common line, with the advantage that devices with different functions communicating amongst themselves and sharing  information. Functions can be assigned and modified locally or remotely via software, without the need to cut open walls or install new cables.

Controlling your household, even in your absence, is no longer a utopia. Home automation provides access to the house’s key functions, through a remote control, your computer or your mobile phone. It enables you to program everyday tasks automatically, which reduces the amount of time spent on routines.


The system provides early detection of gas leaks, floods, and fires, so necessary steps can be taken immediately to ensure safety, including cutting off entrances and alerting the owner to what is happening.
The system can also manage aspects related to security, such as detecting intruders and determining who is in the vicinity of a house or office.



Centralised BMS - Building Management System (GTC)


This system provides the analysis elements required to optimise the building’s performance, enabling a detailed cost analysis.

Objectives of BMS (GTC):


- Optimise performance;
- Control systems;
- Control operating costs;
- Reduce energy consumption.

Building Management and Automation Systems


System with an information terminal that enables the entire building’s technology to be managed, in a simple and efficient manner. It allows full control over certain functions, such as blinds, screens and lighting scenarios.

Access Control Systems


The main objective of using cutting edge technology systems is the protection of people, goods and information, from unauthorised access. Traditional house keys are replaced with biometric access, numeric
codes or magnetic cards, increasing security performance.



We design and install lighting systems according to specific needs and cases, providing the means of appropriately managing the system and environments, by regulating intensity and temperature.


Turning on the light switch in a dark room is an unnecessary task; so is worrying about turning on outdoor lights, because they come on automatically when it begins to get dark. You can optimise energy  consumption in response to people being present / absent in a room, their timetables and regular habits.

Guidance and Information Systems


Correct guidance that facilitates good time management is the modern day challenge that our company aims to tackle. Human beings’ intrinsic need to seek the correct guidance, in a simple and practical way, drove PROJEDOMUS to find the best instruments to facilitate this task. We therefore provide various equipments that identify several spaces and complement signalling, by adding adequate lighting,  constructed with a keen sense of aesthetics and the finest materials.

Switches and Equipment


Freedom and simplicity. By using instruments with high-end design and state of the art technology, we promote full control over the building management functions, whether it is a permanent residence, a holiday home or an office, via PC, Television, Tablet or PDA.

Video Communication


Design and comfort for your safety. PROJEDOMUS products contemplate current and future solutions, by providing intercoms made from excellent materials, with meticulous design and the comfort of full functionality and security.



When we do not want our correspondence to be placed in a simple container but we wish to give it the value it deserves, we need personalised solutions, with an innovative design and state of the art  technology. Every detail is relevant, from the raw materials, to the lighting, and including the graphics and
user interaction.


PROJEDOMUS is a company that designs global intelligent building management solutions.


With over 10 years of experience, PROJEDOMUS has always set itself apart by implementing technologically innovative systems, associated with high quality services and a strong commitment to deadlines and customer service. Based on the vast experience of our highly qualified human resources, we foster an internal culture of
excellence, innovation, responsibility and commitment.


PROJEDOMUS focuses on undertaking construction projects that implement global solutions, including electrical installation projects, home automation, telecommunications, security, management and access control  systems, among others. We aim to exceed expectations, providing high comfort, high quality, secure, energy
efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

We provide the following services:


- Electrical Projects
- ITED Projects
- Gas Projects
- Security Projects
- CCTV Projects
- Networking Computer Projects
- Intercom Projects
- Ambient Sound Projects
- Access Management and Control Projects
- Photovoltaic System Projects
- Fire Safety Projects
- AVAC/RCESE Projects
- Centralised Building Management System Projects
- Installation of Home automation Systems
- Energy Audits
- Supervision and Monitoring of Works



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